Tristan And Isolde / Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet, Ljubljana, 2014

Concept by Sanja Nešković Peršin
Kinetic set design by Meta Grgurevic in colaboration with JAŠA

The stage space is inhabited by a kinetic sculpture. Its dimensions are so large that it functions as parallel surroundings. A multitude of repetitive elements made of aluminium and plastic nets create translucency, while the curves evoke soft contours of petals with brightly glittering edges. The metamorphoses of dancing forms and movements create a materialized illusion which extends into the horizon. Occasionally, this sublime setting comes to a standstill only to gain powerful momentum “creating situations  such as a garden, a haven, a threat, a nearness, a distance, a night-and-day” (Meta Grgurevič). Once this kinetic object is lowered onto the stage surface, it creates a segmented palimpsest of a void. This is the moment when the space of love is transposed into the realm of the invisible – the beyond. (Barbara Novakovič Kolenc)

Choreographer Dan Datcu / Music by Sašo Kalan / Costume Designer Uroš Belantič / Dramaturge Barbara Novakovič Kolenc / Lighting Designer Jaka Šimenc / Soloists and Ballet Ensemble of the SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana

The music on the recording is played by the Orchestra SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana and conducted by Maestro Marko Gašperšič, Concert Master Gregor Traven.