Site - Specific installation of kinetic sculpture and sound
31st Biennial of Graphic Arts
Winner of the People’s Choice Award

A handmade hourglass mounted in a brass construction forms the central image of Meta Grgurevič’s installation “Timekeepers” though the hourglass and its timekeeping function, is refracted around the space in several forms. The hourglass, an early form of timekeeping which today functions mostly as a curiosity or decoration, is seen reflected in a concave mirror which flips the image, causing the grains of sand to appear as thought they are drifting upwards, defying the laws of gravity. An electric drive automatically turns the hourglass around when the sand has run out, and the installation is accompanied by specially conceived light and audio design. Grgurevič has collaborated with several others on this work from a number of different fields, and the knowledge that they have shared with her during the course of the project, is in certain respects a key to the work. The artist demonstrates the way in which knowledge is shared in its reproduction, and brings together forms of knowledge, idea and craft that have been developed at different moments over the course of human civilization, in which certain laws of physics – time, gravity, light and so on, remain constantly authoritative. (Nicola Lees)

Music: Bowrain, Jaša
Electro Engineering: Otto Urpelainen
Construction: France Petač
Photography of Installation: Jaka Babnik, Michele Drascek