Statement A

The video Dream to Recall Forgotten Thoughts thematised by the relationship between mother and a daughter. Mother draws on the wall; she plans an uncertain future, her daughter pantomimically dances a child’s dance. With visual tricks of disappearance and occurrence, they pass from the past to the present and vice versa.

On the wall behind them is a clip from the movie The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin. The clip appears in the framed picture in which Adenoid Hynkel has a famous speech to the soldier. The peechightly edited in the way that the word “soldiers” was cut out from the original so that viewers/listeners can even perceive it as being intended for them.

In this way, they can value their moral-ethical principles regarding the content of the speech, which, regardless of time distance, is still relevant today. The content of the speech and the connection between the past and the present constantly stimulated by the interaction of the mother and daughter in the front of the video.

The kinetic sculpture “The Typewriter” becomes the active protagonist, continually exchanging the dialogue with the video. Entering in his active role when the character from the video, Adenoid Hynkel stops talking. The typewriter starts to type on the endless roll of paper words said by Adenoid Hynkel. With the powerful, rhythmic and sharp sound of the keystrokes, it leaves black marks of ink on the white surface of paper in the repetition of the same phrase as stating the power of physicality and not forgetting the obvious.


Statement A

Kinetic sculpture and video
Museum Am Bach, Art- Based Research On Social Systems, Kraßnitz

The project is based on a conversation of two works, barriers poetic or utopian merits. The imposed situation is supposed to bare nude their necessity as their improbability. The connecting threads entwine, as their functioning allows them; in synchrony with their “made-up” codex. The conceptual links between these three works are suspended between the impossibility and functionality, as is their identity. The field of art can offer a space for a new balance of contrasting thoughts and their consequences, therefore objects capable of movement, or media containing movement, can once again become the active protagonists of a statement.

Electro Engineering: Martin Podlogar
Construction of Individual Elements: France Petač