SILENZIO / eternal loopholes and braided lines


silenzio / eternal loopholes and braided lines

Causes and consequences are in the ever-changing stream, which creates an illusion of the fluid co-existence. The venue becomes a monumental system caught in its strange loop.

Overview About the process


SILENZIO_eternal loopholes and braided lines has been conceived around the perception of “silence” and developed around a new kinetic sculpture. The sculpture and its movement are extended through performance: gesture, sound, and spoken word. These elements coexist and form a state of perception; through a growing pattern and process of attempts and errors, the loops cooperate to build up fleeting moments of oneness.

The result is a choreography: the single parts come together in the “culmen” of the development, a condition of accord where the structured assemblage of the parts assumes its own consistency. In Meta Grgurevič’s work there’s always a state of being active, since “absolute silence” doesn’t exist in nature (in Latin silèntium, from silère “to be quiet,” an activity). The essence of Silenzio is this active suspension.

(Michele Drascek)