Galanterie Mécanique

Kinetic installation with dance and music performance
Lightening Guerilla Festival and U3 - 7Th Triennial Of Contemporary Art, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

Galanterie Mécanique by Meta Grgurevič and Urša Vidic is a symphony of kinetic objects, video, performance and music. A homogenous spatial whole reveals a contemplation of the relationship between man and machine, collaboration and co- operation between individuals, and the position of the individual within wider social relationships. The driving force of the installation is harmony of constituent parts – the seemingly crucial or superfluous ones. The latter take on the role of tiny connecting elements, communicating with the seemingly established system and operation of mechanic elements and imbuing them with a lyrical and organic tinge, while assuming a part of mechanic essence. The new convolution becomes a working system, which is independent to a certain extent, but needs the participation of all components, both organic and mechanical, in order to function. (Žiga Dobnikar)

Author: Meta Grgurevič, Urša Vidic
Dance Performance: Nina Fajdiga, Leja Jurišić
Music: Bowrain, KALU, Jaša
Electro Engineering: Martin, Podlogar, Tomo Markočič
Construction of Individual Elements: France Petač
Costume design: Nika Ravnik / niOka
Documentary: Maša Nonković
Photography of Installation: DK