Set design (kinetic curtain)
Slovenian National Theater Opera and Ballet, Ljubljana

The performance draws from our conscious access to the spaces, which seem to elude us, which we are many times unable to imagine and which we are only able to realise in our dreams. In the conditions, in which the multitude of images seem to evade us and at the same time stand for the chaotic state of the world in which we live, all we wish for is a clear view to portray our imagination of the world with a fragmented story and thus offer a desired clarity of where and who we are. It is, however, rather difficult to implement darity when the world around us is falling apart. Could we understand it better, if we withdrew from the real-life situations and fled in a surreal world, a realm, where we have no idea what is close and what is far to us. The dramaturgy of the performance is looking for inspiration in an assumption of an intuitive cutting, deleting of a structure that seems logical. The dance and theatrical performance opens up an opportunity for poetic language of dance, thus establishing patterns, where dreams are allowed. And even more, where they are becoming inevitable. (Sanja Nešković Peršin)

Choreographer: Sanja Nešković Peršin
Music: Drago Ivanuša
Video (Behind the Scene): Tjaša Gnezda