(Within Devices and Mechanisms)

Although Meta Grgurevič completed her postgraduate studies in painting, she found her means of expression in a complex interplay of kinetic mechanical objects and multidimensional settings. Her interactional systems contain audio, visual and performative components, charging the viewer’s perception with their spatial occupation and technological components. Most mechanical elements are based on the re-contextualization of ancient inventions and knowledge.
As an artist she is  bound to certain utopian poetics, which led to the collision of  ideas within evaluating reality.
Studying and envisioning different mechanisms (kinetic systems) that create movement, light effects, and illusions (either on paper or in space), discovering how they operate, the causes, the effects of their existence and their rules of inner working has always evoked her interest in her and pushed her towards an unexpected experience.
Through years of intergenerational collaborations with experts  from fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, music and theatre, within creative process, which lead to sharing knowledge, she began to see the definition of a perfectly operating system as a metaphor for her own understanding of an operating system per-se and in relation towards responsibility and social tissue we all co-create.  

“Hierarchy and harmony as fragility and rareness fuel the metaphor as fact, as an existing illusion; each element serves the other with an exact management of their own function and together they create a motion only through solidarity of each singular element. According to the ideal mathematical formulation, all the elements are in perfect balance: kinetic movements in co-operation with moving bodies grow into a kinetic choreography, harmony evolves into musical composition, phrases into lyrics and visual poetry.